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Your summer house in the Aegean.


Our Mykonos summer villa is perfect for couples, friends, and families looking for a vacation in Mykonos. It is fully equipped with everything you would want from a summer home.

The renovated villa reflects Mykonos’ iconic minimalist style, contrasting traditional white walls with warm wooden furniture and other natural materials. It is our family’s vacation home which passes from generation to generation.

We look forward to welcoming guests with an appreciation for heritage, interior design, and Greek architecture. Visit our website

Bougain Villa is managed by the Hotelier of Herodion Hotel and Philippos Hotel in Athens which means that a unique experience awaits.

The property is split between the Main House, Katina’s Pool House, and the most recent Eucalyptus Guest House, accommodating 4-8 people. See more

The villa is newly renovated throughout with all the desired specifications (air conditioning, wifi, etc). It is located in the highly sought neighborhood of Agios Ioannis, just 2 minutes walk from the beach and 10 minutes drive from Mykonos Town. Check our brochure here

Our guests have exclusive access to the large private swimming pool and the covered terrace with spectacular sea views.

For more information and reservations contact us at or Book Now

10. May. 2021
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Μητσαίων 3, Ακρόπολη, Αθήνα, Ελλάδα | Τηλ: +30 210 922 3611 | Email:

ΑΦΜ:094464525 | ΜΗΤΕ: 0206K013A0033700

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